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Working Virtually

Comprehensive Lists of resources

Content Creation

Virtual meetings

  • Freeconferencecall – get your own number to host conference calls by telephone
  • Zoom – free video chats for groups of up to 10 individuals for free (up to 45 minutes per call).  Zoom premium subscription is also now offered for K-12 educators free of charge
  • Google Hangouts – free video chats for groups of up to 10 individuals for free (no call limits).
  • Skype – free 1:1 video calls
  • Google duo – free 1:1 video calls
  • Screen Sharing – For rehearsing, webinars, or remote presenters
  • Virtual Team Building Ideas


Digital Design Services/Content Creation Tools

  • Canva – Free design software for fliers and posters.  Includes free pic-art.  
  • Pexels – Free stock photos 
  • Zamzar – Free file converter
  • FreePik –   Free clip art/illustrations 
  • OpenClipArt – More free clip art/illustrations
  • Coolsymbol – Font generator and symbols to copy and paste.  
  • Font-generator – Another font Generator
  • QR code generator – Create square QR codes for easy linking to web page

Support for Non-Profits/Small Businesses during Pandemic

Resources for Organizations Serving Senior Citizens

Resources for Spanish speaking populations

  • Google Translate – utilize to translate text or an entire website
  • Catchafire – Translators can be found here. Free for NJ non-profits
  • DIPNJ website – translated into spanish!  Use this link to share all the information that you see here.

Creating Accessible Content