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Digital Inclusion Week Symposium 2020 | October 7

Laptop and notebook

Description: During Digital Inclusion Week 2020, DIPNJ brought together individuals from NJ’s state and municipal governments; public interest groups; and digital inclusion practitioners to

(1) educate on the nature and complexity of digital inequity,

(2) build a culture of true digital inclusion in the state, and

(3) make the case for the creation of a digital inclusion body at the state level.

The Agenda:

  • Welcome/A Brief Introduction to Digital Inclusion
  • Micro-Lectures: The Many Considerations of Digital Inclusion
    • The Digital Divide and Education

Allison Strobel | Chief of Staff | Jersey City Housing Authority

    • Refurbished Devices: Considerations and Roadblocks

Mike Brown | Strategic Director | Laptop Upcycle

    • The Universal Need for Tech Support

Sierra Harvey | Director, Student Experience | Per Scholas

    • Refugee Youth in NJ: Bridging the Digital Divide

Claire Balani | Education Programs Manager | New Jersey Office for Refugees | International Rescue Committee

Jas Verem | Education and Learning Supervisor | New Jersey Resettlement Office | International Rescue Committee

    • Digital Inclusion in State Government


    • Digital Inclusion and the CARES Act

Annemarie C. Uebbing | Director, Community Planning and Development Office | U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • The Town Hall: Opening the floor for 2-3 minute shares
  • Community Resources and Closing Remarks