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Digital Inclusion Practitioners of New Jersey (DIPNJ) exists to galvanize relationships between organizations and individuals seeking to close The Digital Divide in NJ.

The objective of the group is to bring together digital inclusion practitioners (and those who are otherwise interested) to:

  • Workshop on digital inclusion issues
  • Network with other practitioners and stakeholders
  • Share informational resources across organizations
  • Build a culture of digital inclusion in NJ

We recognize that many practitioners in the space perform digital literacy or tech support services on an ad hoc basis. While the explicit goals of our organizations may differ greatly, the need for support and services around the digital world is universal. We believe that by sharing insights, strategies, news, leads and upcoming relevant opportunities, we can more efficiently and effectively reach our shared goals.

Being a current practitioner is not a requirement for membership. DIPNJ is on a mission to create a culture of digital inclusion and equity in Northern New Jersey, and we welcome anyone with a shared vision.

Who Should Join

Non-Profit Employees

Employees of Libraries and Housing Authorities

Unaffiliated Individuals Who Recognize The Importance of Digital Equity

Let’s Build a Digitally Inclusive NJ.